Where Teamwork Matters

Squadly's mission is to make humans more productive by
restoring order in their world.

The first time I felt the need for a taskforce management app was actually years ago, when I was working as an employee for a fairly large company myself.

Every time I had to tell someone whether or not I was available for a particular task, I wished there was a system that did it for me.

Years later, when I started my own software business, the same need arose in a different form. Here, I had to look for an efficient way through which I could.

Simultaneously manage the different teams working for the company- a one stop solution that would help solve all organizational problems.

When my team and I couldn't find one that did everything we wanted it to do, at the price we were willing to pay- we decided to make our own!

Soon enough it was apparent that we needed to make effective management possible for people of all ages and professions in a way that would fit their budgets. That's how the Squadly apps came into being.

Awais Ibrahim

CEO Squadly

Over Values

Work Should be Fun

We believe that true productivity only comes out when you are passionate for what you're doing. When you enjoy creating and reaching goals. That's why at Squadly we work our best to create an atmosphere that enables all that.

Teamwork is Everything

We realize that behind every successful organization, there is a group of people working tirelessly towards the same goal. Which is why our work ethic revolves around enhancing individual capabilities by working together and improving collective efficiency by giving our bests individually.

Organization is Key

We understand that a chaotic work environment can hinder success. That's why our goal is always to maintain a culture of organization so that the focus remains on getting results and we can save ourselves from frustration and time wastage.