Revolutionize your workforce management with a seamless connection

Control your squad with better sight, Connect them all with ease and might, ensure their safety day and night; that’s how workforce management is done RIGHT.

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One Software For All The Complex Needs Of Your Business

Squadly is an easy-to-use workforce management software. Squadly offers simple solutions to businesses across different industries to ensure improved visibility, connectivity, scheduling, and the safety of your employees.

Streamline staff scheduling, boss the shifts effortlessly, and upgrade communication with our automated scheduling software.

Now effortlessly track, and optimize tasks boosting productivity and collaboration with the best free task management software.

From monitoring to customization, empower your employees with smooth break management.

Effortlessly vibe with your squad levelling up communication and coordination no matter where you are.

Keep tabs on staff presence, simplify timekeeping, and promote responsibility via the check-ins assessment feature.

Through the welfare -checks get hourly updates from your employees about their whereabouts and work progress.

Discover the simplicity of managing your teams with Squadly!

Squadly empowers all types of workforces around the globe. Make shift work hassle-free for your employees with powerful workforce management tools.

No credit card or payment required

Manage Multiple Business Locations And Squads

Discover the Benefits of Absolute Shift Transparency With Accurate Clock In/Out

Track Time and Location of a Multi-Destination Route via Check-Ins

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