Simplifying Workforce Management

Simplifying Workforce

Squadly is a Workforce Management Platform, It helps you manage employees
efficiently and more productively with easy scheduling, task management, time and location tracking and reporting.

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Managing Workforce should be Easier & Faster

It can be, with Squadly! Squadly provides tools for you to manage your tasks efficiently remotely or at work.
It helps prioritize tasks and make operations easier so you can focus on things that matter. Simple & clear interface, eliminate miscommunication.

 Managing Workforce
Faster Workforce Scheduling
Faster Workforce

Instantly view and choose available staff and
replacemenets across all locations

Report Management
Wider Management

Multiple teams, members and locations.
Native support for a distributed workforce

What We Offer

Squadly revolutionizes the employee-employer relationship, by enabling lightning-fast workforce management and administration. Leaving more time and focus for leadership, collaboration, productivity, and enabling teamwork.

Management Tasks
Manage Multiple Locations

Monitor all your business operations from a single device. Handle multiple teams at multiple locations, suitable for managing:

  • Multiple franchises, or
  • A geographically distributed workforce.
Delegate Management Tasks
  • Assign the management of teams and locations to others.
  • So you can focus on leadership and strategy.
Schedule/Plan in Advance
  • Schedule shifts or assignments in advance.
  • Notify team members at the same time.
  • All with a few taps.
Staff Availability
Staff Availability At a Glance

Effortlessly and instantly select suitable candidates for:

  • Shift replacement
  • Tasks or assignments, including urgent ones.
Assign Task in Few Taps
  • See who’s available or overloaded, at a glance
  • Assign tasks with a few taps.
  • Team members are informed automatically.
  • Track task progress and completion accordingly.
Time & Location Tracking
  • Track shifts and employee locations.
  • View when employees start and end a shift, in real time.
  • See if employees are working overtime.
  • Clock on/off times are tracked.
  • Employee location is tracked when a shift is started and finished.
help you

We’ve been there, we know the operational pains

Let us help you be excellent

Too many businesses spend too much time on the admin portion of managing their workforce

  • Finding out staff availability
  • Coping with schedule changes.
  • Struggling to find replacemnets
  • Dealing with miscommunication

All these drain time and energy, causing the more observant or self-aware to ask: “Why does managing one’s workforce takes so much time and effort? It shouldn’t, Squadly helps youovercome those challenges.

Is Squadly right for you?

Squadly has been helping enterprises of various sizes succeed in the competitive world.

Food Service
Food Service

With the adaption of e-commerce in the food industry, using workforce management application as Squadly has become inevitable.

Health Care
Health Care

With Squadly, manage and ensure the availability of your health care workers in time, thus avoiding any unpleasant staff shortage.


Make a skill specific team, perform fast scheduling, and track employee working hours, at the tip of your fingers.


Place the right team at the right place and keep them engaged productively, increasing your sales and thus the revenue.

Call Center
Call Center

Make the most out of the Squadly app, by managing the overseas employees as well at
remote locations

Financial Service
Financial Service

Have extra headspace for business development, by having Squadly take care of
workforce management

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Squadly makes life easier by helping users become more productive in everything they do.